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Blind River Scare is a vehicle for the original Americana, Alt-Country and roots influenced songs of South Wales based singer, songwriter Tim Manning.


Blind River Scare with a five piece band line-up released 'Graveyard Sounds' a limited edition single (2005), 'Killing Time' a five track E.P. (2007) and contributed 'Walking On Hell's Roof Looking At The Flowers' to the Jon Langford tribute album 'Levitation' released by Country Mile Records (2008).


"'Killing Time' is a truly well rounded and honest EP from the impressive Blind River Scare"  Peter Brown - Toxic Pete


A download only single 'Backsliding Again/Open Door' saw Tim presenting Blind River Scare in a stripped-down acoustic format (2009) with a track included on The Acoustic Programme album, 'Taking It Back To The Wood' (2009).


Blind River Scare's next release was a solo acoustic album 'The Straight and True' (2010) recorded live in session at BRFM Radio Station.


A return to a  four piece band line-up produced 'The Point Of No Return' a six track mini album (2014).


"East is east and west is west ... but when the twain does meet, you get music as great as this"  Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture



'Pastures New' (2017) saw Tim assemble a three piece line-up. Producing a more natural, roots sounding , acoustic based six track mini album.


"It's only a six track release, but Manning ensures each one counts"  

Mike Davies -


Blind River Scare's latest offering 'The Mileage Made' (2021) is a full album featuring a four piece line-up. Recorded at Towpath Studios in South Wales and released through Blind River Scare's own Creosote Records label.


"The Mileage Made, this is 11 tracks of Americana gold"  

Josh Beddis - Rogue Country


"The Mileage Made is a strong album - strong on songs, melody and delivery and it deserves to be heard by a wide audience"  

Michael Kennedy - Welsh Connections


"If you are already aware of Tim Manning and Blind River Scare, then you will love everything about The Mileage Made, a whole batch of fresh-sounding songs and their trademark great narratives"  

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture


'The Mileage Made stands as one of the finest albums from Wales I’ve heard for a long time'

Tom Stanger - Pilgrim House


"There's mileage on the clock, but the motor's still running perfectly"  

Mike Davies - Fatea Magazine



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Since 2005 Blind River Scare (Solo, Duo, Trio and Full band line-ups) have played live through out the UK at venues and festivals, both headlining and supporting touring bands including :- 


Clem Snide, Midlake, Amy Wadge, The Deadstring Brothers, The Believers, Redlands Palomino Co, Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), Fionn Regan, The Silent League, Hungrytown, Piney Gir, James Walbourne, Vandaveer, Morning Bride, Vetiver, Peter Bruntnell , Furnace Mountain, Ox, Songdog, The Hazey Janes, Daddy (Tommy Womack/Wil Kimborough), Dead Rock West, The Traveling Band, Jill Jackson, Lucy Wainwright Roche, Elliott Brood, Jeff & Vida, Leeroy Stagger, Locust Honey, Ian Siegal, Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls/The Wonderstuff, Hat Fitz & Cara, The Rockingbirds, Ottis Gibbs, Peatbog Faeries, Tildon Krautz, George Borowski, Jez Lowe, Carter Sampson, Josh Rouse, Jerry Joseph, etc.


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